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Stamford-Based Marketing Firm Expands Team to Offer Big-Agency Results

Kahn Consulting updates web site to commemorate eighth anniversary.

January 14, 2014, Stamford, CT – In response to client needs for high-powered marketing and branding solutions without the big price tag of a full-service agency, Kahn Consulting has expanded its team to provide “Big-Agency Brains Without the Head Count.”

Joining the team are Jerry Kuyper, a corporate identity expert based in Westport, CT; digital guru Michael Carusi of Stamford, CT; and Harry Segal, award winning designer and founder of Segal Savad in New York. Expanded Kahn Consulting services now include web site and mobile app development, SEO and all forms of digital content, and the core mix of naming, brand creation and marketing communications.

“As a former executive at Ogilvy & Mather and founding principal at Futurebrand, a leading global branding firm, it has taken me years to build a network of first-class talent that I know and trust,” said Robert Kahn, who founded Kahn Consulting in 2006. “By creating ready access to these strategic and creative resources, I have built a cost-effective way for clients to get high-quality results here in Connecticut and throughout the New York area. Our goal is to do great work for our clients at affordable rates.”

According to Ellen Mullen, founder of Goodfit Darien and a Kahn client, “Bob is like an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer. He brings the added value of a loyal advisor who has the best interests of the clients in mind.”

The Kahn Consulting business model provides an efficient way to manage relationships with specialist partners like designers, copywriters, web developers and many others who are only needed at specific times in a campaign’s development. Clients get only senior-level talent without the burden of less-productive headcount.

About Kahn Consulting
Kahn Consulting, Inc. is a Stamford-based branding and marketing consultancy that helps clients create and evolve brands through a combination of targeted strategy, logo design, naming, copywriting collateral creation and web site development. Since the company’s founding in 2006 it has completed over 50 projects and has worked with a wide range of corporations and local businesses including L3 Communications, Gannett, GE Lighting, Landmark Aviation, Goodfit Darien and Kaplan Test-Prep.

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Fasten your seat belt for the “battle of the brands”

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 8.56.25 AMThe Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 phased out the Civil Aeronautics Board and its control of pricing and routes in commercial aviation and paved the way for decades of new entrants and consolidation on an unprecedented scale. Now in the U.S. we have three major airlines: American, United and Delta and of course three favorite “brands” in JetBlue, Southwest and Virgin America. So, it is not surprising that we are in the midst of a classic “battle of the brands,” as the big three legacy carriers attempt to carve out distinctive images.

As we know, American launched a new identity in 2013 and is digging itself out of a self-inflicted hole by aggressively adding new aircraft and showing computer animated simulations of the new livery flying around in the clouds with a voice-over featuring “Don Draper,” from Mad Men. Delta, while often producing beautifully filmed TV commercials, still punctuates them with the theme “Keep Climbing,” which seems ironically similar to the ill-fated United campaign of a few years ago, “Rising,” which failed because it offered a service proposition that they were unable to credibly deliver.

United, in an attempt to freshen their image, has turned back the clock and re-introduced the “Fly the Friendly Skies” tag line that many of us remember from childhood.  They have done a brilliant job in bringing back one of the most memorable tag lines in U.S. advertising history (not just in aviation) and made it relevant for today’s audiences. So far the feedback has been positive as United is showing that a great idea is one that stands the test of time. In the new ads and billboards, it is not surprising to see visuals of a mobile device accessing the United route map in a cyber inspired environment, and to see United working with Twitter followers to build intimacy across the globe.

Marketers will be observing closely how these three campaigns unfold and whether or not consumers will be moved to embrace the ongoing attempt to win loyalty in the skies, whether “friendly” or not.