Is smart phone penetration fueling the next generation gap?

For thousands of years there has existed a gap between young and old. This much is a constant – but, is it possible smart phones are “pouring kerosene on the fire?” I was surprised to learn that according to a November 2013 study by comScore smart phone penetration shows a wider than expected gap between millennials and people over 55. Given the growing importance of mobile devices in the marketing mix, if the trend continues to widen it is likely that as people age they will fall farther behind in the attempt to stay culturally current. One data point is just a snap shot, but as those aged 18-34 increase their use of smart phones (ultimately approaching 100%), it will be interesting to see if the percentage difference will continue or perhaps even accelerate. At some point 100% of all phones will be “smart,” so you could argue the gap will ultimately narrow to parity, but the real issue is not whether people have smart phones but how as a result of usage their buying behavior and communications patterns change. smart phone penetration